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Welcome to La Fouly!

La Fouly’s name comes from the Latin word for leaf – “folium”. It is situated at an altitude of 1600m at the foot for the Dolent, the Val Ferret’s emblematic mountain which rises to 3 820m. Once on the summit, you will find yourself in France, Italy and Switzerland at the same time!.

 La Fouly resort offers the most beautiful and authentic things that the mountains have. Four dairies in the pastures which still make their cheese in the traditional manner are proof of this. Facing the Dolent, the Tour Noir and the A Neuve glacier, La Fouly is a haven of peace.

 A stop over on the Tour du Mont Blanc located two thirds of the way through the route, La Fouly offers a wide choice of hikes, ranging from an educational path for children entitled “Charlotte the Marmot” to the A Neuve hut via the route through the pastures. A treetop canopy walk is also an activity that is appreciated by littlies and adults alike.

In winter, fans of freeride, downhill, cross country or back country skiing, snow shoeing or simply winter hikes, all are sure to find a playground suited to your every wish. With the added bonus of a family, sporty atmosphere!.

For people wishing to do the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt without using a vehicle, La Fouly is an ideal stopover on the route between the start in France and the Grand-St-Bernard Hospice.

Two important figures in climbing are from La Fouly: Michel Darbellay, the first person to overcome the north face of the Eiger solo and Jean Troillet who climbed ten summits of more than 8000m without supplementary oxygen and who still live there.