Our history

Until the beginning of the 20th century La Fouly was just a mountain mayen (collection of huts) which was a stop off for cattle between the lower valley (Orsières and surrounds) and the pastureland dairies at the end of the valley. Barns were used to store grain and the chalets – or rather huts – were built for the shepherds.

The tourism boom began in 1925 with the construction of the Grand-Hôtel in the Val Ferret for English and Scandinavian tourism. Until 1960, there were few individual chalets.

With the opening of the road and the construction of the first ski lift in 1965, the resort was able to live from tourism throughout the year.


1st April 1189 : Logging in Ferret started by the Grand-St-Bernard Hospice.

14th century : Commercialisation of iron in the Amônaz region.

1707 : Ferret Chapel built.

1850 :Pastureland dairies built.

End of the 19th centuryIron commercialisation in Amônaz starts again.

1863-1914 : Ice extraction delivered as far as Paris from the Saleinaz Glacier.

1864 : First ascent of the Dolent by Edward Whymper amongst others.

1888 : Darbellay slate quarry above Somlaproz/Issert commercialised.

1893 : Saleinaz hut built.

1905 :Logging stopped in the Val Ferret by the Hospice. The train goes as far as Orsières and coal replaces wood.

1920 :Avalanche from the Arpalle. The Granges de Ferret chalets destroyed.

1923 :An avalanche destroys the Plan de la Chaux stable.

1925 :The Grand-Hôtel du Val Ferret built.

1926 : The A Neuve hut built.

1941 : La Fouly chapel built.

1965 : The first ski lift at the Combe Verte built.

1967 : Second ski lift at Le Barfay built.

1968 : Maya-Joie School opened.

1970 : Third ski lift at Les Arpalles built.

1995 : Chairlift built.

1999 : 5 chalets on the A Neuvaz destroyed by an avalanche.

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